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Whompa Handplane Nazare Grey/Khaki

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Additional information

Weight0.26 kg
Dimensions23 × 18 × 0.5 cm

Made from 100% recycled plastic with adjustable canvas hand strap and wrist leash.


230mm long x 180mm wide x 3 – 5mm thick



2 reviews for Whompa Handplane Nazare Grey/Khaki

  1. Roger Essig

    My first time trying bodysurfing with a hand plane. I was immediately comfortable swimming with it. I was concerned that it would be hard to swim with or cause me fatigue but it’s a great size and aided my swimming. It held me out of the water very well as I was going down the wave face and it felt secure on my hand.

  2. Evan Battershell (verified owner)

    Hi guys and girls I’m a newbie to handpanes but was grinning ear to ear on a recent session using one of these.
    The plane just lifted my body up and I was skimming across the face of the wave like my body was a torpedo.
    It was small enough that I could freestyle swim and dive super deep under the waves without a worry in the world. The leash is cool too being so slim and fitting but I hear the more experienced guys don’t use the leash as they like to change hands depending on wave being left or right.
    I highly recommend these as a compliment to the surfing quiver as they don’t take up any room in your floppy bucket (but you should invest in fins). If your looking to learn a new aspect of surfing and new found stoke then these should be definitely on your wish list. Cheers

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