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Whompa Handplane Nazare Grey/Black

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Additional information

Weight0.26 kg
Dimensions23 × 18 × 0.5 cm

Made from 100% recycled plastic with adjustable canvas hand strap and wrist leash.


230mm long x 180mm wide x 3 – 5mm thick



2 reviews for Whompa Handplane Nazare Grey/Black

  1. Jonathon N

    This is now my go-to handplane. I’ve used it on a variety of waves, ranging from sloppy powerful onshore waves to perfect sliding reef breaks (Perth Metro and the Northern suburbs). The speed I got was a real shock. I’m able to dig the handplane into the wave and so far haven’t nose dived, which has enabled me to generate a lot of speed when charging the waves. I also have not experienced any splashback, which I generally do from other handplanes.

    The handplane makes the overall day out in the ocean stress free. It’s super light and manoeuvrable. Swimming with the handplane is easy and unencumbered.

    One other thing I need to note is that I have a strong dolphin underwater take off and the Whompa does not drag me back or rise me quickly to the top like other handplanes do.

    I ordered two more to add as spares, just incase something happens!

    Plus I’m all for the 100% recycled plastic construction element of the handplane.

    My experience bodysurfing: As long as there is swell, I’m out there everyday.

  2. JP (verified owner)

    I love these! So happy I found them.

    I’ve been bodysurfing for a few decades, these days usually when there is big swell. I’ve tried many different handplanes and fins. When it comes to handplanes, my biggest gripe has always been that they are too cumbersome. Even the “small” ones will make my freestyle stroke lopsided and the handplanes have extra buoyancy that I don’t need on big waves, but make swimming a pain. This is where Whompas shine! They’re super slim and streamlined, with enough concave to allow you to hold yourself in a steep wave face. Perfect for hollow/throwing waves and barrels.

    I used to do a lot of swim training, and the Whompas are very similar size to good training paddles, so the size is very familiar. A little tip – I add a fair chunk of blue-tac between the handplane and the underside of my hand for extra comfort and grip.

    Get out there and shred!

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